Chapter One


last updated 2.23.21

The formula for life is energy + work = life. It's that simple. I didn't make this up. It's indisputable. In this formula, the word "energy" represents a resource of some kind. The word "work" represents this resource being converted into action. Work is the act of using energy to create, or sustain, life. Energy + work = life. All life requires work. Anyone telling you different is trying to sell you something, i.e. get out of doing work. Apply this simple formula to our world and you'll see where all our problems lie. In the natural world, it's much easier to see this formula in action.

A seed falls to the earth, rain falls from the sky and sun shines on it all then a plant grows. The dirt, the water and the sunlight are all resources. The seed does the work. It's pretty amazing. How does it know? It has natural programming within it. A beaver chews down trees and drags them across a stream piling them up along with mud and rocks to build a dam. This dam creates a pond in which the beaver builds its lodge safe from predators and surrounded by aquatic vegetation that the beaver eats. The bark of the trees and the vegetation in the pond are resources with which beavers do serious work. Bees work. Ants work. All living things work. They all have their own natural programming which they obey. Their obedience is less of a choice than it is an expression of their existence. They live to play their role in Mother Nature's design. They are compelled to do this. It's quite a system. If an animal doesn't do the work necessary to sustain its life, it dies. This is natural law.

Then there's the man-made world which is an artificial one. I should call it the human-made world to be politically correct or even the mind-made world since the world in which we live is a product of our minds and all the technology we have created. In this artificial world, the basic formula for life gets thrown out the window. The formula in this world, especially in our country, unfortunately, has become "do the least amount of work for the most amount of money." Money, however, is not a resource. It is a human invention, as well, with no value of its own. A system built on a valueless idea will fail. It's that simple because the system is unsound. It never ceases to amaze me that people are surprised by the worsening state of the world when the most valuable thing in this world has no value. What do they expect? If actual values aren't required to accumulate the most valuable thing in a culture, that culture is destined to collapse. Without true value, a resource cannot play its natural role in the formula for life. An artificial idea serves only those who invented it, and control it. Remove the other component for the formula for life, work, and it's no longer a formula at all. It's just a bunch of ideas strung together for its own self-serving purpose with no connection to the truth.

The major difference between the formula for life and an artificial system is their purpose. One creates and sustains life by obeying the natural balance between resources and work while the other was designed to eliminate work for some by exploiting the work of others. What's the point in playing a game by someone else's rules especially if those rules are constantly being changed to favor those who make them? Life is not a game. It's an amazing phenomenon that we get to be a part of. The formula for life is built upon true value and can only be maintained by those who live according to true values. Anything else and we're just living on borrowed time. The game only works on those who don't know the truth, or have forgotten it. In the natural world, life relies on natural programming. In the artificial world, the system relies on mental programming. Unfortunately, those who have lost their natural connection to life and the ability to think for themselves are easily programmed because they are no longer grounded by true values. How they think is controled by those who maintain this artificial system.

There is another side to this. Anyone who's had to teach, coach, manage or even govern a large group of people knows that it can be like herding cats. Freedom is a natural, God given right, but with freedom comes responsibility. This is where natural law plays its role. The beaver, the bee and the seed all obey their purpose and if they cease to work they will no longer exist. If people want to claim their right to freedom, they have to be willing to work and obey the formula for life like every other living creature on the planet which teaches, manages and governs itself. If some people are not willing to work or govern themselves by natural law, they cannot complain about being told what to do by those they've appointed, or allowed, to govern them, even if those they appointed are trying to take advantage of them. This is the game that all of them are playing while those honoring their right to freedom continue to work for it. We will soon reach a threshold when those doing all the work will say "Enough" and those not willing to work, rich and poor, will be held accountable. Natural law is irrefutable. The tide will eventually roll in and level everything out. It is impossible to cheat life, but one can cheat the system. One can cheat other people. They may try to enjoy the party for as long as they can, consume as much as they can or distract themselves with anything they can all the while knowing deep down inside what is coming. Those who do real work will be strong enough to weather this natural equalizer (they might even grab a surfboard and enjoy it). The weak, rich and poor, who refuse to work will have to face the truth eventually.

The good news is that those who are willing to work eventually realize that they love it. I love it. I didn't, at first. It took me a while to arrive at this point because I was born in the system just like everyone else and programmed not to, but work is completely natural and healthy. It's an expression and celebration of life. Once we forget the mental programming the artificial world tried to convince us of and remember our natural purpose, it becomes second nature -first nature, actually, to work and nothing else compares to this way of living. It gives us strong muscles and a fit body. It keeps us healthy, both physically and mentally, and, possibly greatest of all, it connects us to this amazing living ecosystem called planet Earth. One of the greatest highs a person can experience is the rush they feel as this life giving energy flows through them. Someone who's never worked a day in their life will never understand this. Any negative association with work that exists was created by those who don't like work or themselves. Work requires a person to be present and they will never want to be present if they don't like themselves. Therefore, they'll never want to do true work. Work isn't the problem. Fear of being present and facing oneself is. Live your life in fear and you'll be ripe for mental programming. Face your fears and you'll be as free as a bird. Birds do work.