Chapter Two


last updated 1.11.21

Long ago, we, all, left on a journey then one day while traveling through a forest we lost our way. The leaders of our group decided no one should be told about this because they feared it would cause a panic jeopardizing the safety and morale of the group. We trusted our leaders so we continued on our journey not knowing that we'd strayed off course. Members of the group who enjoyed a high level of status and privilege, also, knew we had lost our direction, but didn't say anything because they didn't want anything to affect their standing within the group. Some of our very intelligent members eventually realized we were no longer heading in the right direction, but sadly decided nothing could be done about it so they continued on with the group opting to only care for those closest to them while secretly losing hope in our journey as a whole. Many members were so distracted by their own lives and the inner drama of the group that they never realized we were off course and some were just too busy keeping up to notice.

I, like you, was born in the group and grew up long after any of this happened. As I was becoming a young man, I started noticing inconsistencies between what direction we said we were going and what direction we were actually headed. I got the feeling that something wasn't right. I tried to talk to some of the elders of the group about this, but no one wanted to listen. I was raised to be honest, hard working and to always do what's right which made it impossible for me to follow in the direction that I was expected to go. Instead, I believed that if I could secretly find the place where we were all truly trying to reach and bring proof of it back then maybe someone would listen, so I left.

~ Many Years Later ~

Over the centuries, the group has become a world in and of itself so much so that many people have forgotten that there is a world outside of it. The forest is no longer real to them or even part of their journey. Only the group is. The natural world is just something in the background or in photographs. Because people consider the group the whole world, its leaders can control their world, but, unfortunately, our leaders are the ones who got us lost in the first place. Although there are those who haven't forgotten what our journey truly is about, not many people are interested in what these few people have to say anymore. Most people's minds are controlled so much by the world inside the group that they wouldn't recognize the truth even if they walked right past it, which many do every day.

I've learned a lot since I left the group. One of my first lessons regarding the place I believed we were all trying to get to is that more people than I ever imagined have given up on their own journeys, as well as on ours. I've been shocked by how many people don't really mean what they say and that many words are just ideas that do not actually represent anything in reality, but because so many people only live within the group, they do not realize this falsity. I don't believe this is a reflection of human nature as much as it is a reflection of how far off course we have traveled. Too many people just can't see a light at the end of the tunnel from where the group is, now, because of the artificial one created by our leaders keeps their eyes out of focus.

The good news is that there is a true light and I have seen it. I found the place we're, all, trying to get to and it's more amazing than I ever dreamed. The bad news is that many still do not want to listen. My plan to bring proof of it back didn't work out the way I expected, but most ambitious goals we attempt for the first time rarely turn out the way we planned. However, if we don't give up and keep trying, we gain the necessary experience through trial and error to do it better the next time and the next time until we succeed. If what I say is true and this place does exist, I should be able to give people a glimpse of it with my words and actions because they are based in the reality of what I have seen and experienced and other people who have found it, too, on their own journeys, because I know I'm not the only one, may even want to share their light as well until we can make it there as a group.