last updated 2.23.21

As the world continues to become more crazy, I thought it would be good to share a little common sense, good values and truth. The immediate need for basic principles is what motivates me to post this live as it's being written. As we continue to be bombarded with inadequate information from questionable sources, people need to hear solid, down to earth truth. There's a certain power in the truth. Nothing else is required. No membership fees, no fine print, no selling of one's soul. Like a seed, all the truth needs is the light of day to grow. Writing it here will have to do for, now.

The Truth Farm will someday be a place, but, at the moment, this book is the blueprint for the place that it will become. The first thing I'll say is that you should probably read this gradually, rather than all at once. Read a chapter and put it down for even a year. This may sound impractical, but the truth is uncompromising and when you've been fed lies your whole life and accepted them as reality, it's going to take some time for your brain to consider something vastly different even if it is true, let alone adopt it into your life. Our minds are creatures of habit. The Earth was believed to be flat a lot longer than it's been known to be round. I've had decades to think about what I've compiled to share with you. I'm not trying to sound patronizing. This information will be hitting you all at once and the truth can be overwhelming, at times, like crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope with the vastness of your situation below you. It's probably best not to keep looking down into the abyss until you've incorporated more solid ground into your life. Focus on keeping your balance with your eyes on what's in front of you until you get to a more stable place. If you're already in a stable place and you're hungry for the truth then have at it.

The other reason I'm writing this live is because writing a book takes time and so does working for a living. I'm not independently wealthy nor a trust fund kid. I don't have the luxury to sit around all day and write. Time is money in this world and if you're not working for yours, someone else is. Who's going to pay my bills while I'm writing, some publishing company? I'm not interested in becoming a writer. I'm a worker, a farmer, a fisherman and a builder and proud of it. I'm not interested in sitting around while others work. And for the record, if someone, including a writer, doesn't mention money early on in your relationship with them then they're trying to sell you something. It's that simple. If they don't mention money, the single most necessary commodity in this world, they're selling something while, most likely, hiding something else.

As you cross the canyon of truth and realize you've been walking on a rickety bridge of lies that could collapse at any moment for most of your life, it's important to become familiar with terms like justified unhappiness, fuel tank, work, emotional availability and more because these terms will be like solid stable bricks to build your road on. The more truth you welcome into your life the more bricks you will have to build with until you fill the emptiness that was once below you because all truth is connected. Quicker than you expect, you will find yourself walking through a natural field. To find each brick and put it to the test, I had to live everything that I write about, first, to make sure it was reliable. This isn't just a book of ideas. The words represent tried and tested tools. If a belief didn't work, it was thrown out. People write books for different reasons, maybe to make a lot of money or to become famous. That's not why I'm writing this and that's why it's free and anonymous. This is more like a shop manual for life and happiness is the goal more than a novel for entertainment. If people can't put this information to good use then there's no point in writing it. I'm remaining anonymous because I like my privacy. I'm not interested in becoming part of the absurd world of media. I don't need the attention or approval of fools. If honest, hard working people benefit from this, that's all the approval I need. A person shouldn't have to sacrifice their privacy in order to reach others. The truth should be free and available to anyone strong enough to bear it. Even though it is much easier to stay true to a solitary path, happiness cannot be entirely achieved alone. Do not try to live according to the truth by yourself. It is too much for one person to carry in a world of lies. Though it may require you to compromise personal preferences, find others willing to live according to the truth with you. Without others, we only serve our minds. We are meant to serve our hearts.

Lastly, I'll say that the truth is not only vital to the survival of our species and this the planet, as we know it, but, also, in living an honest, useful and happy life. Without happiness there's no point in any of this, but to take everything in this book and try to apply it to your life idealistically would drive a person insane. Not because living purely according to the truth is crazy. It's not. It's beautiful, but the world we are living in at this stage in human history is crazy. Trying to live sane in an insane world can be very dangerous, but knowing the truth offers a person the comfort that it's not them who is crazy. It's this world. It's a wild and amazing world, too, which is very easy to get lost in. Some people even choose to get lost in it, but even it cannot exist without the truth. The truth is "N", north, on your compass. Always keep it insight. No matter how crazy this world becomes, you can always trust and count on the truth. The more you incorporate it into your life, the more you will improve your life while making the world a better place in the process, regardless of how perfectly you succeed. Just keep heading in the right direction. The perfection is in trying. If you are trying, you are perfect to me. Good luck.