Chapter Nineteen


last updated 1.10.23

Honesty is the best! It's a human being's most direct connection to the truth. If the truth is the perfect wave. Honesty is your best surfboard. Some honesty is involuntary. When I'm walking down the street, I have no choice, but to be honest about how tall I am, what color my skin is, what color my eyes are, etc. Another way to put this is that these characteristics are true about me. There are however, many facts about myself that I can decide whether to be honest about. My fears, whether I have a crush on someone, how much money I have in the bank, etc. The most efficient and natural manner for human beings to exchange energy is by being honest. Honesty is the path. For those smart enough to realize, it's the only path an intelligent person wants to walk on. Dumb people lie. They think they're getting away with something, but they know that they're lying, yet they're not smart enough or brave enough to see how pointless lying is. When a person is honest they are clearly defining themselves as either the source or the destination of any energy to be exchanged. You cannot fully receive what you need without being honest and you can't fully give to someone else if you're not being honest. I love you. I am the source. You are the destination. It's probably best to say this to someone who you are in a relationship with whether a spouse, partner, family member, etc. If you were to say this to a perfect stranger, they may not receive the positive energy this statement is intended to deliver. They might question whether or not you were being honest. You might try "I like your sweater," instead. This would probably allow the person to receive your positive offering. However, it's important to realize that you cannot love someone if you're afraid of them. The more honest we are with ourselves the more we will face our fears thus allowing us to love and live more freely.